As spring finally rears its happy head The Wine Badger, with all the originality of a drunken student staggering about campus in the middle of the night with a traffic cone on his head, thought he had better get his snout into some Rosé. But, what fine gems should The Badger taste? One of the great Provencal or Bandol based estates. Ott? Tempier? Perhaps an elegant Sancerre or a new world icon in the form of Charles Melton's Rose of Virginia or perhaps Turkey Flat's sexy pink from the Barossa Valley? Well, he could have done that, but the fact is that most British people seem to drink rose purely as a natural reaction to the spring sun finally appearing. Fat, tatooed, bald men start wearing shorts, when they really, really shouldn't as soon as the mercury hits 10 degrees and the streets swarm with delectable young fillies, thrust into their summer dresses from the straightjacket of winter, like the butterly from the bondage of its cocoon.  It appears as if the uncorking of Rosé is all part of the ritual more than a demonstration of our love for the pink. I do not claim to hear many folk in the pub garden entering into a vigorous Siagnee versus blending debate as they throw back the Pinot Grigio blush. With this at the forefront of his mind The Badger put his reputation, not to mention the well-being of his taste buds, on the line by cracking into three of the big brands from the mighty USA.

The Echo Falls White Zinfandel 2011 is sourced from two seperate blocks of Biodynamically farmed Zinfandel with the addition of between 5-10% of old vine Grenache depending from the vintage. Yields are kept to an absolute minimum and the wine is bottled unfined and unfiltered or "This fruity rosé brings a feminine, cheeky charm to the table, making it the ideal accompaniment to girly get-togethers." 

Echo Falls White Zinfandel NV 11% abc. Strawberry bootlace and Turkish delight aromas. Bubblegum and marshmallow too. Like drinking pink coloured Sirop de Gomme. April 2013

Blossom Hill white Zinfandel NV California, USA Robinsons Summer Fruits cordial. Boiled sweets. Insipid. Sugary. Cloying. April 2013

Gallo family Vineyard Grenache rose 2011 9.5% The most wine-like of the three. A bit of raspberry fruit and something quite medicinal. Strepsils. Quite sweet, but with acidity. April 2013