Broadbent Madeira 5 year old Madeira, Portugal Deep golden brown. High quality marmalade. Honey spread thick over toast. Rotting apples. Honeysuckle, fresh acidity. Damp autumn leaves. January 2009

Broadbent Vinho Verde NV Minho, Portugal Plwnty of pear and honeysuckle. A hint of oystershell. Green, sharp granny smith apple. Zippy acidity with a hint of cream to finish. May 2009

Cap Chamonix Chardonnay 2010 Franschoek South Africa Marmalade on toast. Hazelnut with fresh lime juice. Amazing freshness combined with rich oak and intense fruit. Such precision, energy and class. Still my favourite Chardonnay under £15 from anywhere. July 2012

Camel Valley Atlantic Dry 2007 Cornwall, England Reichensteiner and Schonburger Fresh with plenty of pear drop. A little bit of pineapple on the palate which is rounded and clean. June 2009 

Camel Valley Brut Conrwall NV Cornwall, England Green apple and pear with hints of elderflower. More pear fruit on the palate which is light and easy with a puckering, zippy lemon finish. June 2009

Camel Valley Bacchus 2007 Cornwall, England Rose petal and elderflower. Violets and citrus fruit. Rasping acidity, gooseberry finish. Leaves you salivating, in a good way, I think. June 2009

Camel Valley Red 2007 Cornwall, England Dornfelder I think, maybe some Rondo too. Blackcurrants, smoke and pepper. Spicy, light and fruity. A hypothetical blend of Cotes de Rhone and Beaujoulais Villages? Quaff at low temperature. June 2009

Camel Valley Rose 2008 Cornwall, England Strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Noticeable sweetness. Blackcurrant leaf and a lightly creamy finish. June 2009 

Chapel Down Nectar 2009 Kent, England How is it possible to make an English wine with barely a trace of discernible acidity? Mum's Elderflower cordial. Pear drop, roses. A little cloying due to the lack of freshness, but not really even that sweet. The important thing however that this offers a quite unique style that potentially has a future, once polished. Quintessentially English.

Chapel Down Bacchus 2011 Kent, England Elderflower cordial. A bit of Umbongo! Very quenching, well-balanced though lacks a bit of concentration. September 2012

Chateau Ka Source Blanc 2011 Bekka, Lebanon Lovely nose of grapes, yes grapes! Rose petal and peach blossom.  Wants for concentration a little on the palate though which is almost covered up by a slight sweetness but not quite. Still, lots to like. October 2012

Domaine Wachau Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terrassen 2011 Wachau, Austria Limey, quite herbal. Punchy white pepper. Finishes ferociously dry and austere. Good interest though. Invigorating stuff. A rich, creamy oyster please. October 2012

Finlayson Family Edgebaston Chardonnay 2008 Stellenbosch, South Africa Restrained white peach, a squeeze of lime juice. Fig roll and struck flint. Some nutty oak, medium/high acidity. Finishes a touch short. January 2010

Finlayson Family Edgebaston The Pepperpot 2008 Multi-Regional Blend, South Africa Blackberry jam and stewed fruit - plums. It's all a bit hidden behind spicy vanilla oak. Burnt rubber and short ribs. It's all bit OTT for me. January 2010

Finlayson Family Edgebaston Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Stellenbosch, South Africa Stone fruit and wet grass.Going to the loo the morning after eating asparagus springs to mind. Green apple. Tastes somewhat dilute. January 2010

Finlayson Family Edgebaston Shiraz 2006 Stellenbosch, South Africa  Blueberry and some black cherry. Oak, smoke and dried mixed herbs. January 2010

Golan Heights Yarden Mount Hermon Red 2006 Galilee, Israel Is ths the best value wine I've drunk this year? I think it was £8 -  a steal! There's a note of exotic spice behind some fresh rapsberry fruit. The word easy does this wine a disservice but it dances over the palate effortlessly, displaying all it's charming berry fruit flavours as it goes. No rough edges, no surprises. rounded and smooth. Just perfect on the supper table. June 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Shanxi, China Orange/brown at the rim. A surprising amount of lightly jammy fruit. Minty and a little meaty. Fades, with a lingering note of tar. April 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Shanxi, China Blackcurrants, black truffle and green pepper. The palate is unfortunately dominated by quite tough tannins and a higher than acceptable level of acidity. Quite a raisany, drying finish. April 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Shanxi, China Blackcurrants with a kick of cherry. Pleasantly herbaceous with a little menthol. High acid again and wants for concentration, but a nice sweet fruit finish. April 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Shanxi, China Riper blackcurrant fruit and more concentrated than previous efforts. More polished. Better intergrated tannin and the sweetness of ripe, black fruits with some fresh green pepper and balanced acidity. April 2009

Grace Vineyard Dessert Muscat Shanxi, China Muscat and 5% Merlot. Rose petal, liquorice and cherry blossom. Wild strawberry with lashings of honey. Peachy finish which fades fast with an aggressive acidic kick. Bitter sweet.  March 2009.

Grace Vineyard Premium Chenin Blanc 2007 Shanxi, China Zesty green apple, pear and oyster shell. Quite high acidity with a hint of lemon and melon. Rounds out on the finish with some noticeable residual sugar. April 2009

Grace Vineyard Premium Rose 2008 Shanxi, China Plenty of fruit here. Strawberries and blackcurrant leaf. Just a hint of green pepper. Diluted strawberry cordial. Touch of residual sugar. September 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasyas Reserve Cabernet Franc 2003 Shanxi, China Burnt plastic but with plenty of upfront fruit. Blackcurrant, hints of green pepper and smouldering ash. Noticeable tannin. The fruit fades quite fast. Lingering liquorice allsort. September 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasyas Reserve Cabernet Franc 2004 Shanxi, China Perfumed nose. Lady's boudoir and blackberry jam. Polished tannins, sweet blueberry fruit lifted by balanced acidity. (This is probably a better-crafted wine than  the 2005, but the 2005 appeals more to my sensibilities). September 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Cabernet Franc 2005 Shanxi, China A bit of funk and vegetation but with plenty of blackcurrants, liquorice and smoky bacon. Sandalwood. Good concentration with slightly unresolved tannins and fresh acicity. Good length. Lots of personality. September 2009

Grace Vineyard Tasyas Reserve Chardonnay 2005 Shanxi, China Deep yellow with green reflections. White truffle, butter and pineapple. Sweet and buttery palate. The suggestion is that the oak could intergrate better. But, real potential. A revelation. April 2009

Lammershoek Roulette Blanc 2008 Swartland, South Africa Chenin Blanc,Chardonnay and Viognier .Oh dear. The fruit has completely fallen out of the bottom of this. Aromas of malt whisky, wood and furniture polish. A rich texture offers evidence that there was something tasty here once upon a time. A touch of honey and just the merest whisper of apple. March 2013

Lammershoek LAM Shiraz 2011 Swartland, South Africa Ooh, yes sir. Lots of funky aromas with clove, dried lavender and lashings of juicy sloe berries. Quite light in body, but with plenty of fruit and funk stuffing to satisfy. This is a lovely expression of Syrah. Natty label too. March 2013

South Downs Bin 2 2009 South Downs, Sussex, England Extremely excitable. Yeasty. Pear. An unwelcome sweet sour combination doesn't really do it for me today. November 2012

South Downs Bin 2 2009 South Downs, Sussex, England Fresh, citrus. A touch yeasty. Pear juice. Tart, though the dosage helps balance things. A sociable drink. December 2012

Waverley Hills SMV 2009 South Africa Spicy, peppery, very fresh fruit with a certain elegance. Bloody hell, this completely takes over your mouth. I haven’t experienced an attack on the palate like this since drinking Peter Sisseck's Flor de Pingus. Mint. Just the teeniest, tiniest touch of burnt rubber on the finish, but on this occasion it actually adds to the complexity.  Hugely impressive. November 2012

Waverley Hill SMV 2009 Coastal Region, South Africa Chockablock with coffee creams, white pepper, mint and raspberries doused in a blackberry liqueur. The palate retains the texture that wooed me before, though the alcohol on the finish is a little distracting. Still, a quite excellent drop. Share with friends! December 2012

Wiston Estate Cuvee Brut 2008 South Downs, Sussex, England The first release from this estate. 60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, 10% Pinot Meunier. A very powerful initial blast of grapefruit is backed up by some bready/yeasty aromas. There's something quite exotic here too. Feather light mousse, but as powerful and taut as a Jeff Grosset Reisling. Crisp Chardonnay focused palate of tangy apple with real depth. Finishes creamy but with fairly bracing acidity as one would expect (the low dosage certainly gives it nowhere to hide). Dry, but not drying and really quite serious indeed. October 2012